About Me

I am a Transformation Expert, and I take executives ranging from VP to C-level clients, on deep transformational journeys, grounded in science & wisdom, where they discover what it truly means to reach their full potential and become exceptional leaders & human beings.

About Me

I am a Transformation Expert who takes VP to C-level executives, individually and in teams, on deep transformational journeys grounded in science & wisdom, where they discover how to overcome limitations & adversity, reach personal mastery and become exceptional leaders.

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I'm David Boulos

Coming from Middle Eastern & European roots, being raised and educated in North America and speaking nine languages, allows me to integrate well with clients of all nationalities and be sensitive to their cultural differences. Furthermore, my professional & leadership experience gives me a solid understanding of business conduct in the region where I live, and globally.

My key values in life include love for family, community, well-being, congruency, helping others, professionalism, integrity, continuous learning & personal growth. Every day, I strive to balance my spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical intelligences. I have a meditation, gratitude & visualization practice, do pro-bono coaching, speak at my Toastmasters club, read books on spirituality & leadership development, study languages (I have a goal of speaking 10), hike mountains and engage in several forms of physical exercise.

My analytical background (Engineering/MBA/Management Consulting) allows me to be very pragmatic and excel in helping clients objectively create strategies for themselves to succeed in their professional lives. However, I believe my extroverted & open personality, coupled with my coaching training, allows for great rapport, and creates an empathetic environment, where clients can feel safe to openly share their inner thoughts in confidence.

Executives embarking on a journey with me can expect to feel inspired, learn new skillsets, shift their leadership style, raise their awareness, transform personally, be liberated, and have fun - all while learning holistically, in an engaging and compassionate environment. They can expect to be carefully listened to and challenged at times, yet guided and supported with the everyday challenges they face in their lives. Furthermore, due to my exposure to many public and private sector firms, at a senior management level, executives can expect me to also understand the challenges of leadership within their organization and their region as a whole.

Career History

Prior to my coaching & leadership development journey, I worked for international Management Consultant firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers, PA Consulting and EFESO Consulting) and over a 14-year span advised leaders on strategy, corporate finance, change management and performance improvement initiatives in multiple sectors including Education, Government, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Aviation, Real Estate, Telecommunications and Health Care. Prior to my Advisory experience, I also worked as an Electrical Engineer in the Satellite Telecommunications sector, designing, installing and testing satellite earth stations for global communications.

Academic Qualifications

  • MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario) in Canada
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University in Canada
  • Executive Master Coach (ICF-ACTP Certified) from The Life Coaching Academy in Australia


  • Aberkyn/McKinsey Accredited Facilitator (Transformational Leadership)
  • Immunity to Change™ (Studied under psychologist Dr. Robert Kegan – Harvard University)
  • ICF PCC - Professional Certified Coach (Coaching)
  • Leadership Circle Profile & Culture Survey (Leadership Development)
  • CTT Practitioner - Barrett Values Centre (Cultural Transformation)
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Studied under co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler)
  • Hypnotherapist (Accredited by the UK General Hypnotherapy Register)
  • Deep Change SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence)
  • EQ-i 2.0 & 360 (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Belbin Team Roles (Team Effectiveness)
  • NBI Thinking Preferences (Psychometric)
  • Shingo Discover Excellence (Enterprise Excellence)


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