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Developing Excellence: A Deep Transformational Journey into Self-Mastery

Get ready to master your personal & professional life with this 7-hour step-by-step online program with esteemed executive coach, NLP master practitioner, facilitator of transformation & hypnotherapist, David Boulos.

Live your life with purpose and reach your full potential.

From working with hundreds of individuals around the world, David has gathered incredible insights into the deep rooted elements that hold them back from exceptional growth. The three major elements that people lack are:

1. Direction - they have no clear vision, path, goals
2. Definitiveness - they don’t understand the root cause of their issues and what path to take to move forward
3. Development - they don’t have the necessary knowledge, tools and support

This transformational program takes struggling individuals and helps them discover what it truly means to reach personal mastery & wake up with purpose & clarity every day.

By the end of this course, you’ll grow as an individual and rid yourself of limitations which have been holding you back for years and even decades. Ultimately, developing you into an inspirational and effective leader for your organization, and an exceptional human being for your family & and extended community.

Let’s get started!